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Awakening Heart Magic

Awakening Heart Magic : Create Your Vision Book for 2019
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Come vision your heart magic with me and create your own vision book for 2019!  

  • Starts December 26th 2019 and goes for 5 weeks.

  • You need a Facebook account for this journey.

  • All content will be delivered in the Private FB group.

  • Video Prompts will be On Monday, Wednesday & Friday

  • 5 FB live Q&A' s dates TBA! Replays will be availble if you can't make it live

  • Looking forward to having you on this journey!

  • You will have access to the Prompts for 3 months after the end of the 5 weeks.

Plus the option to add in a private 1 hour Coaching session for only an additional  $91  

Love & Grace,


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Quotes from People who have taken Awakening Heart Magic 

Your classes have made such a difference to me in my life and I cannot thank you enough. It has helped me with my dream work and all my intuitive processes.
Awakening Heart Magic was definitely the start of a journey to awaken my heart and my magic. What an amazing form of self-communication leading to better self-awareness and self-acceptance among other things. It’s incredible how images can stir the deep desires of my soul. I have made lasting changes not only in external manifestations of my life but more critically in the way I communicate with myself every moment. AnaLisa’s presentation of her visioning process and the live sessions facilitate growth on all levels (body, mind, spirit). She creates a safe space in which to explore limitations, struggles, and joys. I continue to use visioning as a way to tap into my soul anytime and I am looking forward to the next class.
AnaLisa’s classes have been invaluable to me for developing the courage to really tune into my truth and unapologetically express it in the world.

— — Meredith Linden
WOW! Where do I even begin? First of all, thank you so much for
creating such an amazing and powerful course! It is quite clear you
poured your heart, soul and so much loving energy into it. It’s a
little challenging articulating just how amazing of an experience this
has been and continues to be, as I’ve never felt so divinely guided
and aligned. Within a week of starting, I felt an amazing shift. I was
just swept and am still flowing along. Sometimes I don’t recognize
myself, but it’s in a good way, massive growth and healing. I am so in
love with the place I am in mentally, spiritually and emotionally. As
I look back through my vision book, I can’t help but laugh, smile and
cry all at the same time. I truly am creating the contents of my
vision book!! There were parts that didn’t originally make sense when
I put them in there, but I followed by intuition and went with it,
thanks to AnaLisa’s guidance. They are starting to make perfect sense
now!! I never doubted this would be an amazing course, but I didn’t
expect to see and feel such a rapid manifestation. I am in complete
awe and feel like I’m swimming in a sea of joy. AnaLisa, I can’t thank
you enough, I am so deeply grateful for this opportunity.

— So much love, Maria
I highly recommend AnaLisa’s Awakening Heart Magic Course! I have been honored to take the course two times and each time I was literally waking my heart up to the truth of who I am and what I really want out of life. It was a wonderful tool in helping me to manifest more positivity, love, and blessings in my life for myself and others. It TRULY is MAGIC. I really enjoyed all the prompts and the videos as well as the time I spent collaging in my journal. It was the best form of meditation! Ana Lisa has a wonderful angelic quality to her that brings peace and calm to your spirit when you are watching her videos. Expect to be blessed….expect to manifest wonderful new things in your life…and expect to tune in to your heart and find out what you REALLY want out of life!
— Elizabeth Rodriguez
AnaLisa has so many gifts to share! Her, ‘Awakening Heart Magic’ class, is one avenue to experience her gifts, and bring growth and expansion to your own life. That was my hope for myself when I signed up. Using the format of a vision book, it opens up creativity, it helps to release things that otherwise might be hidden in our busy minds, and my personal takeaway, helps us to learn to trust that intuition we all have inside. That still small voice is authentic and has something for you. The live time offered was a great community connection also. The experience of the class met and exceeded my hopes in many ways, and I would highly recommend it in the pursuit of greater awareness for yourself!
— Jane Baumgart
I appreciate you so much for introducing me to visioning, AnaLisa! Awakening Heart Magic was such fun. And even better was the way it helped me further clarify what I’ve been working on for the past year... staying aligned with Divine Love. Thank you! I am honored to know you.
— Tonya Beck Moore
I have absolutely loved this visioning journey! Awakening Heart Magic was/is awe inspiring! The prompts and process allowed me to delve into my heart and see what was there! I’m excited to see what manifests for the rest of the year! It has been interesting so far!
I enjoyed the interaction and shares from all the like minded souls! The energy of the group was AWESOME! I feel very blessed to have found AnaLisa and loved spending time with the group!
— Darlene Cothran
Thank you so much AnaLisa! This has been so powerful for me in ways I can’t even describe. I can’t wait for the next one! I’m grateful to have found you through Periscope.
— Ashley F.
I have been slowly working through AnaLisa’s Awakening Heart Magic course. I have a very hectic life with two little ones, a full time job and very little time to myself. For me, the beauty of AnaLisa’s journey is that I can do the visioning on my time at my pace. The prompts are simple, but thought provoking. As an added bonus, the facebook community is so creative, supportive and loving. I think of the group as an unadvertised added perk to the class!

I highly recommend her course!
— Traci A.
Finished and ready for our next class! Thank you so much, AnaLisa. I t’s sooooo therapeutic! I have learned so much about my hopes and dreams!!
— Julie

Watch this Periscope I did about some of the powerful magic of visioning

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