Intuitive Guidance

Chakra Readings

Chakra Readings

This is a session to help you become clearer about the possible underlying issues and potential energy blocks in your chakras, to assist you in your process of healing and transformation.

What to expect from your session

  • before we meet I go into 30 minute meditation and connect with the angels and guides to receive guidance which I will share with you during the course of the session

  • I will intuitively begin to connect and scan your energy body and chakras

  • The session is done by phone and usually takes about 45 minutes

  • I will intuitively chose from my oracle card decks to work with for your reading and will send you a picture of the cards within 24 hours after the reading .

  • I will also suggest ( when guided ) what crystals, stones or essential oils might help facilitate your process.


    Chakra Readings :  $244


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