Intuitive Guide & Holistic Trauma Coach





 Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring

These one-on-one sessions can help guide you to a deeper and more profound connection with your spiritual life and intuition. Where you can better listen to the call of your spirit, the longing of your soul and to respond from a place of wholeness and integrity that helps nourish and deepen this relationship to spirit, to the Divine.

These sessions help cultivate your connection and openness to divine guidance. Together, with my Guides and Divine Team of Light, we can empower you to become clearer about a particular question or area of focus in your life. 


TruHunger®️ Coaching  - Helping you Gain the Life you are truly hungry for.

One-on-One coaching  focusing on helping you get clear about what you truly are longing for in your life and how your relationship to food and your body are key to manifesting and savoring your life.

It has been said that how you do one thing, is how you do all things.  Our relationship to food, desire, and our body is no different. By transforming your relationship to eating food and being in our body, you can transform your life.


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