Intuitive Guide & Holistic Trauma Coach

Distance Energy Work

Distance Energy Work 




For more than 16 years I have been a Reiki Master and Teacher, and have combined my extensive training and experience to offer a unique and individualized approach to healing and growth.  

My approach to energy work, integrates my years of training in various methods of healing and personal transformation, my inner wisdom and intuitive guidance.

I attune to and feel into your energy both where it flows and especially where it is blocked.  Using the information that I receive through various senses, I will share my impressions with you  to help you resolve and clear your  blockages and struggles both in your physical body and in your life.  Our collaborative work aims to strengthen and support your ongoing healing and evolution.

Increased  relaxation, Energy balancing, Energy boosts and insights can lead  to personal transformation and growth.  As part of my work I focus on the places both in your body and in your life that are constricted or feel blocked and that are holding you back from living the fullest expression of the person you are meant to be.

Working from a distance, my gifts allow me to tune into a deeper level without distraction.

 30 minutes Energy work, plus sharing my impressions : $65 

45 minutes Energy Work, plus sharing my impressions : $97