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Custom Intuitive Mala

Custom Intuitive Mala



Sometimes we just need some support, an anchor, a source of strength, a tangible practice to help us feel more connected, clearer, and more empowered.  A mala can be a powerful tool to help you focus on your intentions, to help you feel more connected to what is most important and meaningful for you, and/or to use in mantra or intention repetition.  

Malas are usually 108  beads strung together and are commonly used for meditation, chanting mantra, prayer, reminders of intention, or worn as a necklace.  The beads can be anything; usually they are wood,  gemstones, or metal.  

What makes the mala I create for you special is that it incorporates specific gemstones that will energetically support your intentions. I charge each stone with energy and it is then blessed  stone by stone, bead by bead, knot by knot with a specific mantra, prayer, or intention in alignment with your unfolding.  So these malas are made with love, and guided by grace, they support your growth and intentions on many levels.

As part of the experience, you and I schedule a 30-min phone call where we discuss your intentions, your struggles, your aspirations and hopes.  For this offering I tune into your energy along with your expressed intentions.
I then personally go and search for what energy I feel is being called to be with you, and select the stones and other items that will support your energy and intentions. I then take what I gather and cleanse and clear them. Then, I infuse your mala with energy attuned to your intention. Finally, the mala is then given a sound bath for further charging.

Creating a Mala for you is a sacred process of which I feel incredibly honored to be able to provide.

In the comment section of the contact form please write a sentence or two about the intention you have for your mala.  I will email you to schedule a time for our session.  I'm so honored to be able to support and empower you on your  journey.

Love & Grace, 


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