Intuitive Guidance


I participated in a 4 week program with AnaLisa called the Circle of Sacred Light. The experience was absolutely amazing, eye opening, and helped me to dig deeper into myself in order to begin opening my heart with love. Each week AnaLisa showed us the crystals she would use for that week and during the call, we each had a stone with our name on it for the circle of sacred light intention, and we did an amazing meditation each week that took us on a journey to the depths of our heart and began showing us just how much love and compassion is all around us at all times, as well as, she pulled oracle cards for us that completed the messages received during our meditation piece. I was so blown away with the experience of this program, that I cannot wait to do more. Since the program is also recorded each week, I’m finding myself continuing to do the meditation to help me to open my heart even further. I highly recommend the Circle of Sacred Light program. This program will help you find love and compassion both within yourself and with others.

— Love, Donna
Your classes have made such a difference to me in my life and I cannot thank you enough. It has helped me with my dream work and all my intuitive processes.
Awakening Heart Magic was definitely the start of a journey to awaken my heart and my magic. What an amazing form of self-communication leading to better self-awareness and self-acceptance among other things. It’s incredible how images can stir the deep desires of my soul. I have made lasting changes not only in external manifestations of my life but more critically in the way I communicate with myself every moment. AnaLisa’s presentation of her visioning process and the live sessions facilitate growth on all levels (body, mind, spirit). She creates a safe space in which to explore limitations, struggles, and joys. I continue to use visioning as a way to tap into my soul anytime and I am looking forward to the next class.
AnaLisa’s classes have been invaluable to me for developing the courage to really tune into my truth and unapologetically express it in the world.
— Meredith Linden
“WOW! Where do I even begin? First of all, thank you so much for
creating such an amazing and powerful course! It is quite clear you
poured your heart, soul and so much loving energy into it. It’s a
little challenging articulating just how amazing of an experience this
has been and continues to be, as I’ve never felt so divinely guided
and aligned. Within a week of starting, I felt an amazing shift. I was
just swept and am still flowing along. Sometimes I don’t recognize
myself, but it’s in a good way, massive growth and healing. I am so in
love with the place I am in mentally, spiritually and emotionally. As
I look back through my vision book, I can’t help but laugh, smile and
cry all at the same time. I truly am creating the contents of my
vision book!! There were parts that didn’t originally make sense when
I put them in there, but I followed by intuition and went with it,
thanks to AnaLisa’s guidance. They are starting to make perfect sense
now!! I never doubted this would be an amazing course, but I didn’t
expect to see and feel such a rapid manifestation. I am in complete
awe and feel like I’m swimming in a sea of joy. AnaLisa, I can’t thank
you enough, I am so deeply grateful for this opportunity.

— — SO much love, Maria

"I have been blessed to have been working with AnaLisa for a few months now. Her gentle spirit instantly welcomes you to share your heart freely with her. She listens intently and shares from her heart. The songs and the words she has heard for me have resonated so deeply. Her work with her Angels cards has opened my eyes to exploring the angels around me to assist, guide me and release my worries to them. Her knowledge of crystals has led me to discovering their power. We have worked on opening and balancing different chakras while exploring reasons for their imbalance. This has been such a freeing process which has allowed me to let go of many things from my past that I have been carrying with me way too long. In one of the expressive art sessions, it opened me to seeing my situation differently, and, unexpectedly, creating some beautiful art that had a deep meaning for me. I am so very grateful how AnaLisa’s gifts have transformed me in many ways. She gives way more of herself that you expect…and it’s a beautiful thing."   - Sandra Marie


"I have been lucky enough to have AnaLisa work on me and my family more than once and I have to say that she is nothing short of magical. I have had energy work and healing work done for me by other practitioners before - even other practitioners who also offer a blend of different modalities such as Reiki and other healing arts but I have never encountered anyone with such a strong, immediate and incredible ability to cleanse and shift energy as AnaLisa. From the moment she begins to work on me there is a profound and positive shift in my energy and it stays with me for a long time after she is done. Her work is profound and she is truly gifted and generous with her gift. She combines many advanced techniques as well as her own natural abilities and the outcome is absolutely pure magic. I would (and do) recommend her highly to anyone who would like any insight into where they are at energetically, anyone who needs any healing, who wants clarification on energy blockages or issues, who wants any energy moved, or who just simply could use a good energy cleansing. Working with AnaLisa is an amazing experience that definitely leaves you changed for the better. She is gifted beyond words. "

- Rhian Lockard


"I recently had the great honor of receiving a distance reiki session from AnaLisa. To say that it was an amazing experience would be an understatement!! Prior to the session I was feeling incredibly anxious and stressed out about where my path was leading in regards to my creative ventures. It was consuming my every thought and breath and I felt paralyzed with self-doubt.

During my session with her I could feel the relaxation washing over me and I experienced a huge energy shift. She contacted me shortly after with some song lyrics that had been presented to her during our session and they were so magically right on!! I had not given her any details of my situation and when I read what the lyrics were I could feel the tears in my eyes!

Suddenly it was as if I could see how all my worrying was not necessary... that my path was illuminated and I was moving in the right direction. It was like a beam of golden light shining on my heart...

I felt completely reassured that the universe and I were working cohesively and that I needed to allow things to continue unfolding and that my dream was attainable!

AnaLisa has a beautiful gift to share and if you ever have the opportunity to work with her, I hope you take it! She is truly wonderful!"

Jenny Dunham

 “When AnaLisa first offered a 'distant ' Reiki session , I was a bit skeptical . I had been experiencing anxiety, noticing it in my chest and even holding my breath at times. We didn't talk in advance, but agreed to a time she would do the work.  Within just a a few minutes of out session, my breathing completely shifted. I felt calm, at peace, and felt my heart completely opening to what is- without any stress. It was an amazing experience ! Once the fear was released, it didn't return."

Deb Boulanger

"The image of Melissa Harris' Painting "Anything is Possible" came to mind when I began to compose this.The vivid colors, beautiful butterflies, serene setting & elegant woman depicted within the painting is how I received AnaLisa Rutstein into my life. I've had the amazing pleasure of her healing talents for over a decade. We began working together doing distance Reiki. I received numerous sessions over the course of a few months. Our bond was incredibly intense considering we had not yet met face-to-face :) My sessions with AnaLisa are difficult to detail in words because I feel as though there are not enough words to express the healing I received while working with her. To my pleasant surprise, when I did meet AnaLisa, I was astonished that she was younger than I! Because of AnaLisa's gifted wisdom, I thought for sure she would've been a few years my senior... The remarkable loving energy that surrounds AnaLisa is incredible. She has helped me patch so many painful holes from my childhood. Her mothering energy created so many wonderful moments in my life where I felt completely & totally Loved & Accepted Unconditionally! My guardian angel came to visit my life in the being of AnaLisa...Bringing me back to the initial image ~ The painting "Anything is Possible" by Melissa Harris exudes peace, beauty, elegance, warmth, hope, vibrancy & so much more. This is what working with AnaLisa has brought into my life, I am eternally grateful."


Elizabeth S. Ramspacher ~ CenterPeace


"AnaLisa has a truly special gift when it comes to holding space for others. The epitome of patience and insightfulness, she knows exactly what you need, guides you to the place in your body where your emotional tension resides, and coaxes it out of you with her expert coaching.

Without fail, my  sessions with AnaLisa left me feeling calm and grounded, but they also threw a floodlight on limiting beliefs so I could begin to move beyond them.

If you are ready to go deep, work with AnaLisa now, while you can, because my guess is she's going to be huge (like Oprah, huge!)."

Wendy Simard ~



" The growth I’ve already experienced in my few months of working with AnaLisa has been absolutely astonishing, and beyond anything I ever could have imagined or accepted to be possible for myself.

She has such an amazing innate wisdom and vision; she already sees what you are destined to become and guides you there with both gentleness and loving firmness.

Working with AnaLisa is like having your own future self travel back in time to escort you along your journey to your happiest, healthiest, best self. She can see your light even when you feel like you are struggling through the darkness. As a coach myself, there are concepts I have understood on an intellectual level for months, but wasn’t able to truly “get” there until my work with AnaLisa. She enabled me to understand my worth that I have spent my entire life denying that I am worthy of having my dream body, great happiness, professional success, and most importantly that I am worth investing in myself in order to achieve all of these things, which I really struggled with. I cannot thank her enough for helping me see that I was worth investing in, because the work I have done with her has been beyond priceless. I feel so lucky and blessed to have experienced her guiding spirit along my journey.”

Nicole Mayne, CHHC, AADP

When I began working with AnaLisa I was in graduate school, feeling short on time and energy, stagnant emotionally, and uncomfortable in my body. I was also recently diagnosed with PCOS and metabolic syndrome and was struggling to learn how to balance the very specific - but as yet mysterious- demands of my body with the time and emotional demands of my career. AnaLisa drew wisdom from many disciplines to support me in a journey of healing and growth. I lost 22 pounds in the first 3 months, but the journey was greater than that. It has left me feeling enthusiastic, fulfilled, more connected to myself, more connected to others, and more connected spiritually. I am more effective in my career as a clinical psychologist, more effective at rest, and more effective in relationships, and can bring my full creativity to bear in all of these domains. I am grateful that AnaLisa has been guiding me as I learn to feel alive and fully engaged in every area of my life."

S.F., Psy.D. Pennsylvania

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